Electronic singer-songwriter Dodola releases new EP ‘Sea Signs’

Photo by Vukadin Filipović, styling by Vukadin Filipović and Strahinja, makeup by Jovana Simić

Dodola’s second self-released EP – Sea Signs – is out now on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, and all streaming platforms. It features three studio recordings – Hand, Ivory, and Warbler.

Sea Signs cover- watercolor by Katie Woznicki (Dodola)

Dodola, the electronic singer-songwriter project of multi-media artist Katie Woznicki, presents bold, moving and melodic pop songs with a unique and intimate female vocal. Dodola’s songs can be both direct and mysterious, often with surreal elements and a touch of humor, dealing with complex and profound topics in a playful and innovative way. Stylistically Dodola combines clean and classic synth sounds, gritty samples recorded on magnetic tape, and modern production, creating a hybrid that is both fresh and timeless. The main goal of the project is to work difficult and often experimental themes into beautiful and catchy pop songs for all ages and walks of life.

Sea Signs EP features Hand, a mysterious call to action which blends an eastern-influenced
melodic line with a big beat; Ivory, a deceivingly simple song that is warm and deeply
melancholic; and Warbler, an uplifting pop song that is danceable and inspiring, but also brutally realistic about the harshness that life can bring.

Katie Woznicki is a Cleveland-born artist who has been based in Belgrade, Serbia since 2007, where she is an active part of the underground art scene. She is a member of the Art Brut Serbia Association and has a number of musical projects along side Dodola, including MC Kopy Kat and E-P-P!.

Check her out at the links below:

Listen to the full EP here:

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