Heaven by FEWS

FEWS are back, the international powerhouse based in Malmö, Sweden, have left us in 2019 with the brilliant album ‘Into Red’ follow up to their debut ‘Means’, both on PIAS (Play It Again Sam).

After parting ways with the label they have gone back to their DYI roots for a self produced EP and we must admit the music that comes out of their Malmö studio has gained from this newly acquired ‘freedom’. The EP ‘DOG’ will be out on their own label ‘Hello Dog’ and I am sure this has brought an increase on their workload but also a total control on what’s happening and a ‘let’s do it!’ attitude that you can sense in the new single ‘Heaven’, the EP’s first taster.

‘Heaven’ is a motorik, kraut-punk earworm that picks things up from where ‘Anything Else’ signed-off and is the first glimpse of things to come in the sonic development of FEWS. Also introducing new guitarist Jacob Olsen (formerly of Castle Face’s Useless Eaters).

As frontman, Fred Rundqvist, explains – “the track is a representation of a low down feeling of emptiness that can only be picked up by the help of something dangerous”.

Long instrumental sections, stripped back verses and aggressive choruses add a sense of dynamics as the story unfolds.

Self-recorded and self-produced, ‘DOG E.P.’ sees local hero engineer Gustav Brunn (credits inc. Viagra Boys) take on mixing responsibilities at the noted Gula studios.

We couldn’t be happier to hear FEWS new music and can’t wait to see this energy brought back on stage. First time we’ve seen them live was in 2016 at SXSW in a messy dive bar, as we couldn’t get in their official showcase the night before. It was beautiful to say the least! Since then we haven’t missed a chance to see them in London and we can’t wait to be able to do that again!

‘DOG E.P.’ is released via Hello Dog on 3rd July.

Watch their video for ‘Heaven’ below. Watch out for strobes and flashing images.


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