Trashmouth Records celebrates 10 years of being at the forefront of the “South London Scene” (they’d hate us for calling it that)

“When I think of the South London music-scene, I immediately think Windmill, Fat White Family, and Trashmouth Records, then I forget what I was thinking about thanks to the last 10 years they are celebrating! Very blessed and honoured to be a part of it. Long live the hustle, I can’t wait to see what they think of next.”

Clams Baker of Warmduscher

Trashmouth Records are the original instigators of what is now widely known as the “South London Scene”, having discovered & released debut albums by Fat White Family, Warmduscher, Meatraffle, Madonnatron & many more of South London’s finest misfits. Trashmouth produced & released records by bands that no one else would touch with a 10-foot pole & not only lived to tell the tale, but proved to have been visionary in their blind faith. “Trashmouth Records – 10 Years Still Not Dead” marks the 10th Anniversary of the inception of the Trashmouth Experiment & features remixes of some of the label’s favourite tracks & artists. The remixes have been lovingly crafted by the brothers Liam & Luke May, who not only run the label, but have recorded, produced and mixed all of their releases at Trashmouth Studios in New Malden. The LP will of course be pressed on the finest affordable, luxurious fake-gold vinyl & encompass a visual history of the label within its artwork, featuring photographs of the now legendary Trashmouth nights at the Brixton Windmill, where bands bitched & bonded, where blood, booze & tears were spilled in almost equal measure & where the seeds of a small corner of modern musical history were inadvertently sewn.

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