Uniquely heavy Bristol duo Polemics release new single ‘Captain’

After spending most of April and May in the studio writing and recording their debut album, Bristol duo Polemics are taking a break from their debut to bring us a new track, Captain, the first of two songs that the band have DYI recorded during lockdown. With a winter tour in the planning and high hopes to be able to bring their sound to sweaty venues (and crowds) around the country, the duo also has plans to drop another EP before unleashing their full potential next year with an album that is already picking the interest of a few labels and agencies. 

Captain takes the listener on a stroll through a vision of a post-apocalyptic reality where the historical footprint of the natural world has been buried under the weight of human industry. There’s a sense of a Zeppelin-esque swagger in the guitar riffs and the drums which give the song a real driving momentum as the listener explores the beliefs and feelings of the world created in the song.
The song has been mixed by previous collaborator Joe Garcia of Joe’s Garage who once again nailed the mix, retaining the essence of their raw live power whilst capturing the heavy fusion of their sound, vision and particularly the brilliant self-produced accompanying lyrics video. The release is self produced and distributed with the support of Beatbuzz Records as their management. 

Hailing from Bristol, Polemics are Nathan Smith and Jeff Ingle, school friends united by a passion for heavy music, they officially formed in 2019 and after a series of ferocious live shows they established themselves as an exciting emerging fixture of the Bristol live scene.

Polemics deftly combine their natural edge, attitude and fury with skilled musicianship and hugely bombastic drums. The elements of hardcore and angry vocals are matched with songwriting, chunky riffs and a pop sensibility. They are naming The Mars Volta and Smashing Pumpkins as big influences whereas blogs and fans are calling comparisons with IDLES, Fugazi and Primus.


Further info and interview/sessions or a virtual hug: 

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