Last week the London based outfit released a stunning animation video for their second single ‘Get Along’. The track has already received raving reviews since its release late last year and we are sure that with Mathieu Colard’s unbelievably good video the song will reach even farther.

We had the pleasure to interview the band in November to talk about their debut single, their influences, Jaz’s love for Shania Twain (…) and much more. Have a read here.

Their debut single ‘Hoping For The Hoping’ put them on the map and ‘Get Along’ has confirmed they are definitely among the “ones to watch” in 2021. With more releases scheduled for later this year, including their debut EP, we can relax and expect marvels from the band.
Even Primal Scream’s frontman Bobby Gillespie have given his seal of approval and, well, the man knows his stuff so we’d suggest everyone to take his word for it!

– Think ‘Dogtown & Z-Boys’ meets Sylvain Chomet’s ‘Belleville Rendezvous’, Mathieu Colard has created a kaleidoscopic visual that transports the viewer to 1970‘s Santa Monica and Venice (Southern California), soundtracked by Modern Guilt’s Doors- esque “retro classic”. –

Modern Guilt are Jaz (vocals/guitar), Andreas Podda (lead guitar), Scott Thomson (drums), Glyn Evans (keys/organs) and Dan Williams (bass). Their genre-bending music has been praised by blogs, zines, radios and has been pushed by tastemakers such as This Feeling and Amazon Music who named them among the “best new bands” right now. We can’t wait for their next move!

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