Anna Krantz drops visual for stunning new single ‘The Trouble With Suzie’

“The trouble with Suzie, she likes the trouble, picks it up like a bottle, pours a double on the rocks…”  Anna Krantz

Anna Krantz’s third single in her latest bewitching series ‘new moon, new tune’ ‘The Trouble With Suzie’ takes a look at the destructive behaviours we all experience in some shape or form. Suzie represents those ill-advised choices we can all make, which don’t support our ultimate happiness and well-being but feel so damn good in the moment! So we choose them over and over again, and that’s the trouble with Suzie…

Written on Zoom with friend and co producer Simon Johnson, the character Suzie was born after a long and amusing conversation between Krantz and Johnson about theirs and their friends vices.

“It was initially written as a country song to be pitched for a country artist. Once it was finished though, I couldn’t get it out of my head. So we found a way to produce the track in a style which felt fun for me to sing. I’m so pleased we did! I love singing this song!”

Names such as Suzanne Vega, Fleetwood Mac and Phill Collins where thrown around for production references. Johnson quickly put down an inspired electric guitar part at his home studio in the south of England and sent it to Krantz in Dublin.

“His guitar part took me back to the 90’s when I was listening to bands like The Sunday’s and Alecia’s Attic. Layering my vocal felt like the perfect complement to Simon’s atmospheric tone. I used to track my vocals a lot as a teenager experimenting with Logic audio for the first time. Recording these vocals felt very reminiscent of that time. It was a proper nostalgia fest!”

Johnson wanted the drums to sound dry and edgy. Adam Box (Brother’s Osborne) was the perfect choice for such a sound. Once Box recoded his drum in Nashville Krantz sent the song to friend, songwriter and producer, Jon Green, who recently had a #1 hit with Lady A.

“I sent the song to Jon asking him simply for a bass player recommendation, as my go to bass player had injured her arm and couldn’t play. Wonderfully and unexpectedly, Jon offered to give the bass part a go himself. In his usual humble manner, he said something along the lines of “this might be shit, but see what you think.”” What he sent back was genius and really tied the whole track together.”

Dave Cohen (Carrie Underwood, Reba McEntire, Steven Tyler) added his magical pixie dust with a range of creative keyboard layers.

Krantz used oil on canvas to paint the artwork, inspired by the second line of the song “lights every match in the box just to watch the flame die out.”

‘The Trouble With Suzie’ was mixed by Grammy winning engineer Craig Alvin (Kacey Musgraves, and comes out on November 27th.

Find out more at:

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