Incredibly productive Massachusetts artist Ben Farley releases new album “Here Comes Ugly Mulligan”

Going through Ben Farley’s Bandcamp is like going for a very long ride into his creative mind, dozens of albums and productions under his belt, with 8 albums just in this 2020 alone. His new effort seem to fit in perfectly in this journey, “Here Comes Ugly Mulligan” is as weird and as creative as all his previous work, with harmonies and melodies that reminded us of Mark E. Everett’s EELS mixed with The Flaming Lips.

Sticking with his true independent nature as an artist, his music is not on all the major platform, cause well, that would be too easy… instead you have to dig into Bandcamp to find his nest and once you found it, you are in for a treat.

Listen/Buy “Here Comes Ugly Mulligan”

Making music in one form or another for officially 20 years this year. Been playing solo gigs for about 12 years. Started thrash-grind bands and noise-punk bands that toured some and gained cult followings until his brain went haywire and he sabotaged them. 
I am sure we’ve seen that before!

“I make music because I have to or my brain would be explosively unbearable. All my solo stuff over the years is self-released, under various aliases. Used to be on CDr’s, printing my own art and layouts etc. Nowadays I strictly use Bandcamp because it’s the best and I can’t keep up with 1,000 sites and social media accounts and I can’t afford to press things myself. “

Never one for a proper press kit or written a proper bio because writing about himself in the third person for him is uncomfortable and only sporadically have the motivation to try and spread the word. We are definitely glad he reached out to us though.

HERE COMES UGLY MULLIGAN is the result of the month of May 2020.

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