Check out the map below and support your local venue!!

The Save Our Venues campaign is a great initiative run by the Independent Venue Trust to keep supporting the places that gave you that spine-tingling feeling when you discovered your new favourite artists, the places where you keep going regularly cause you trust their taste and you know you are going to find things you like or that are at least going to tickle your fancy! You know what we are talking about! Every music lover has got at least a place where they left their hearts!

Those are the places that have launched and developed so many artists that we love and have loved over the years, regardless of the mainstream success they have later garnered. Those are the places that have made them who they are and are the places that will make launch so many more musicians over the years.

Whatever is the reason behind your love for your favourite spot, now it’s time to nurture this love and to support them!

The campaign has been launched a couple weeks ago and has so far supported the staggering number of 556 venues..

Unfortunately most of the money are going to cover rent and business rates but that’s just the world we live in sadly…

There are some venues which are more popular and will reach their target quickly so the Trust have arranged for all the extra donation after target is reached to go in a common fund and be redistributed between all venues.

Among all those venues, our home in London, 2nd Floor Space, is closed to the public at the moment and we can’t wait to welcome you back for our Silent Concerts, Art Exhibitions, Showcases and everything we can do in this beautiful big space we call home. We are not part of the Independent Venues network as we are fairly new but from where we are standing we still want to support all the venues that gave us so much over the years in the hope to be able to walk again through those doors without the risk to find a sad sign saying PERMANENTLY CLOSED, we could not live with that knowing that something could have been done.
Also, we can’t wait to welcome you again through our doors!

We’ll try share articles on some of the venues we are most attached to with anecdotes, stories and pics.

Until then – please #supportourvenues – once they are gone, they are gone!! 

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