Lore City release new album Alchemical Task

Portland based shoegaze / dream-pop duo Lore City are back with their third album Alchemical Task teased by the singles It’s All Happening and Into Your Blue.
Lore City is the musical incarnation of Laura Mariposa Williams and Eric Angelo Bessel.
Their journey started with the Kill Your Dreams album in 2014 and it has evolved over their years together with the development of their own language and sound which we feel it has been mastered in Alchemical Task.

When naming their influences the duo mentions Radiohead, Swans, Quicksand, Mazzy Star and Sigur Rós. We can definitely hear a love for Dead Can Dance especially on the vocals delivery, focusing on the musicality of it rather than the structure of the lyrics and the actual words. Traditional language and sounds don’t work for everyone and it is pretty clear to us that Lore City are not “everyone”.
A love for anything 4AD is palpable and it can only makes us happy to hear.
Despite those very clear influences, the sound is original and the album maintains its own identity throughout.

Alchemical Task for us is a 42 minutes ride that at times may appear as if pretentiously wants to takes us through esotericism, magnetism and soundscapes. In reality there is nothing pretentious about it and to us the album is actually “just” an intricate ride through the duo’s minds and hearts with their distinctive sound as the vehicle and Laura’s vocals as the driver.

This is the album’s statement in Lore City’s own words:
Over there, plans were made to come here, knowing it’s an erasure.
A divvying up.
Alone and together.
In the playing of the game, tied up in knots of forgetting.
Yet the wheel always turns back ‘round, opening a remembrance.
Archetypal processes manoeuvring through infinite combinations, falling into lockstep.
A transmutation of energy.
The sounds of memory, the colors shimmering, the symbols appearing.
Experiencing subjectivity through the daily dulling, we are the universal to-do list.
The only way is through.

Alchemical Task front cover

Check out the full album here

Follow Lore City at the links below:

Spotify https://open.spotify.com/artist/2wJOweGHt5HQH3moEaZD2n?si=vLPEfGfFS0SjWD_yPkRUAQ
Youtube – https://www.youtube.com/user/LORECITYMUSIC
Bandcamp – https://lorecity.bandcamp.com/

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