German singer songwriter Slowlife releases brilliant debut EP ‘Grey City’

Patrick Behrens releases debut EP with his new solo project Slowlife. Grey City is an introspective 5-tracks album that gives us an introduction to the German songwriter’s new project, already a familiar face in the underground scene with his previous band In Golden Tears who had a great run and toured the European festival circuit.

Taking a step away from his more “indie” days, Slowlife takes us on a journey guided by his vocals and by the well crafted soundscapes that set the perfect mood for his lyrics. A series of tracks that want to be optimistic, encouraging us to look back and forward at the same time and take what we have and appreciate it and cherish it as much as we can. Embrace what you have and who you are and look forward seems to be his motto. In trying times like this a soothing album like Grey City is very much welcome through our speakers.

The nostalgia is a constant presence throughout the EP, brought by his move to the other side of Germany and set for a new start, with a lot to look forward to but also a lot to look back and remember. With an early Fleet Foxes vibe, driven by his guitar and dreamy synths, Slowlife’s debut definitely leaves us wanting more.

Self positioning himself and his music between the genres of singer songwriter, lo-fi, dreampop and indie-folk, we are keen to see how this project evolves and we’ll sure be watching.

The EP was teased by the debut single “Push & Relax” released at the beginning of September, a song that sets the pace for the EP and it sits perfectly within the tracklist.

Watch the video for Push & Relax below:

A limited edition orange marbled vinyl is available via the band’s bandcamp. Only 300 copies available.
There’s two more Bandcamp no-fee Fridays coming and we’d recommend to add Grey City to your shopping list and support this brilliant independent artist.

Listen to the EP here.

Follow Slowlife at the links below:


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