We caught up with UK up and coming band Edge Of Desire after finding the video for ‘Explicit’ and we got struck a month later when we listened to their debut EP ‘LOST’
Check out the video here:

Edge of Desire are gearing up to take the music world by storm in 2020, despite not be. Introducing Dan Fraser (Lyricist, Vocalist, Guitar) and childhood friend
Caleb Hartley (Bass Guitar), Edge of Desire are hitting the scene with a fresh sound for
2020 along with familiar hints of days gone past.

Listen the EP here while you read the interview:

Here’s our Question(s) Time with Dan and Caleb:

We first heard your name and your music with the video for “Explicit” and we are very pleased to be chatting with you about your new music. To start with, please tell us a bit more about the band, where the name comes from and what do you bring to the project as single individuals.
Dan : Hi I’m Dan and I’m the singer/songwriter I also play guitar and piano and help produce the tracks for the band. I started the project initially by myself as I didn’t feel I wanted to do a solo project and had been in bands previously and knew that its the direction the music I was writing needed to go. I was listening to and playing a lot of blues including John Mayer. He has a track called Edge Of Desire and as simply as that I thought it would be a cool name and it stuck. A few months later when I had more material I needed other members to play them live so I asked my long time friend from back in school Caleb I’ll let him introduce himself. 

Caleb : I bring an enthusiastic amount of delusional optimism which is a great balance between Dan and I. Plus, every superhero needs their sidekick right? Although not a sidekick, I’d say I’m the Alfred to Dan’s batman. We work well together and live, I play with the energy of a beyblade that has just been ripped.  

What is your main “desire” with your project? I am sure taking over the world is somewhere on the list but if you could name one thing you’d like to achieve what would that be?
Dan : We love performing live and our biggest desires lie in playing bigger and better live shows. On a personal level as a songwriter I’d just love to write better songs that connect more and people resonate more with thats the ultimate goal I think.

Caleb : Definitely putting on memorable shows to the biggest crowds is up there! But aside from that, having fans who feel deeply connected to and as passionate about the music as we are. We also hope they feel connected to us as people as well. If those two things are present, then those gigs will be incredible for our fans and us.

How are you finding the first reactions to the Lost EP ? I feel it’s already being well received. What’s your feeling?
Dan : Thank you! We’ve found its been really well received too. Received some lovely reviews and messages its really nice to hear. We’ve been sat on the EP for a little bit so its nice to get it out and let people finally hear it!

How do you see your music right now, in the current situation and how/why do you see it being relevant in the future?
Dan : Great question! I always try to write so that a song can be interpreted for many different situations touching on the same emotions and deal with things we all deal with. I think if I continue to be honest with myself and write honestly then I think it will always be relevant to someone else.

Caleb : This year has been wild. For everyone. It’s presented a lot of challenges for many artists who would usually release music then tour but for obvious reasons that hasn’t been possible. Right now these songs are new to the world and when we can go back to playing shows, we’ll be constantly breathing new life into these tracks by exploring and evolving how we play them live. Also, Dan tends to write in a way that keeps songs open for the listener to interpret and that allows people to connect at wherever they are in their journey at any time in life.

About being relevant, who are the artists you follow at the moment and you believe being the most relevant right now and why? Can be more than one of course.
Dan : I’m all over the place with my music and find it hard to stay with what may be considered relevant haha! However, here’s some artists I’m into currently. Definitely Billie Eilish and her brother Finneas I can’t wait to see where they take this now massive audience they have and what they do to push their music next. Nothing But Thieves, I love their writing and melodies and honesty, I’m excited for whats coming soon. Daniel Caesar too. I think what makes them relevant for me is the songs they write I connect with.

Caleb : Personally, I’m a huge fan of Twenty One Pilots and The Killers! I’ve been excited as both bands have released music recently! I love those bands because they have a way of constantly evolving their music to stay relevant but still keep their musical identity. However, If we’re talking about being the most relevant, Billie Eillish would have to be the most relevant. She’s killing it! Bury a friend is my jam.

How have you been spending the lockdown? We spoke to quite a few artists recently and we noted very different patterns, a lot of creative people we talked to didn’t quite feel the inspiration to produce more work even if most of them found themselves with much more time in their hand than before. Where do you stand on this? Have been more or less creative and productive during the last 3 months?
Dan : This is interesting I thought it would be all fun and games writing and producing loads of tracks. Which is somewhat true. I’ve definitely written the best stuff the band has to come in the last few months, however, its been hard to find inspiration when you can’t go out and travel and do things and see people so the songs have to come from a different place which has been a great learning experience. So I have been writing and producing the next single and EP and more in lockdown and its been good! Can’t wait for people to hear it.

Caleb : I’ve found myself exploring different areas in my bass playing and sound that I hadn’t approached before. It’s taught me to just try something that is outside of my normal sphere without hesitation. I’m going to make it a goal to try something new with my bass each week, whether that be a technique or creating sounds.

How do you see Edge of Desire in a post-lockdown world?
I am sure releasing music during a lockdown has not been the easiest, without being able to support it live. Are you already thinking about a tour or are you just living in the moment?
Dan : We have some rescheduled shows that we can’t wait to play. We just want to get out and play new songs to people. We miss it so much. Sooooo much. 

Caleb : We’re always thinking about playing live! Haha. It’s what we love doing and when we can safely get back out there, we’ll be raring to go. I’m definitely saving up my energy to let loose on stage. I think it’s safe to say that we’ve always given 100% on stage but I think we’ll be giving at least 110% once this is over.

Are you guys writing new music? I know the Lost EP has just come out but wondering what are your plans, release wise, in 2020?
Dan : I’ve written a lot since we finished the EP and there’s definitely 2 tracks we would love to come out by the end of the year but we aren’t sure that will happen yet. Fingers crossed! One is part of what we plan to be EP 2 but that could change so no promises there!

Before we let you go, can you recommend a couple of great new bands you are into at the moment?
Dan : I can’t say I really listen to a lot of bands so I’ll just list some up coming artists I love. Ashlee ( R&B ) singer coming up is amazing. Also check out this band called The Peach Kings they’re just cool. 

Caleb : Ooooh. I’m into a wicked rapper from the UK called Barny Fletcher, I really like his sound and the way he uses his voice. Also there’s a cracking grunge band from Australia called Dear Seattle. Both artists are worth checking out!

Follow ‘Edge Of Desire’ at the links below:

Twitter: – @EdgeOfDesireBND
Instagram: – @EdgeOfDesireOfficial

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